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  • DOI: 4016-6112024
Keyed Parallel Hash Algorithm Based on Multiple Chaotic Maps (KPHA-MCM)

Hash functions are considered as the core of cryptography, which are the basic technique used for data security. Cryptographic hash functions also can be used to achieve the integrity of large data such as the data stored in a hard disk and set of nancial data. So, in the era of large data and increasing capacity of data in applications, fast hash schemes with parallel operations are extremely desirable which effectively increases the computational speed. Functions of random behavior like chaotic maps are used in hash functions to generate the xed length message digest from the original message. This paper proposes a parallel hash algorithm based on multiple chaotic functions by mixing logistic map, tent map, and sine function. In the proposed scheme the structure of coupling lattice is changed and using diamond lattice as new structure. This algorithm is exible to generate 128, 256 or longer hash value. The simulation analysis such as hash distribution, key sensitivity, confusion and diffusion statistical properties, and collision resistance are executed. The results demonstrated that the proposed hash is an efcient, simple and fast algorithm comparing with some recent hash algorithms based on chaotic maps.

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Computer science